Burkhart Bromm

Burkhart Bromm

Dr. rer. nat. Dr. med.


o. Professor emeritus

Director Institute for Physiology 1977 – 2000
University Hospital Hamburg Eppendorf 

Member of the Academy of Sciences Hamburg


Research Areas

membrane physiology, receptor physiology,
pain processing in man, functional brain imaging


Research Summary

B. Bromm started with investigations on sodium-inward rectification in membranes of nerve and muscle membrane causing repetitive firing, decisive for the  information processing in the cns (PhD at Kiel University).
In Hamburg he and colleagues investigated methods to measure pain states in man, in particular by pain related brain potentials in multilead EEG and MEG.
Being Emeritus he is involved in psychophysiological questions on pain, attention, and consciousness.



Institute for Neurophysiology and Pathophysiology
University Hospital Eppendorf
D-20246 Hamburg
T: +49 431 570 89 40
P: Beseler Allee 9, D-24105 Kiel